what’s your content strategy?

what’s your content strategy?


In the past few years a big focus on a web project has been SEO. Drive traffic to our website was a top priority for businesses. Now the focus is turning to the “then what”. Now that a customer is on your site, thanks to being on the first page of search results, are they getting the information they were looking for? Once they arrive on your site, then what?

This is an important question. If a visitor is searching for a service similar to yours and you are on the first page of search results that’s great! They will most likely end up on your site. If that visitor is presented with a brief description of your company, followed by links and paragraphs that hold valuable keywords yet all seem to say the same thing they might become frustrated that they aren’t able to find the content they are there for. They aren’t really getting a good feeling for you and your brand and will keep on searching. So how do you keep them engaged? Here are some tips.

Be true to your brand. Early on decide what the tone of your website and brand are. Are you a financial services company? You will probably have a more conservative tone. A children’s dentist? Perhaps a more fun and casual tone. Be true to who you are.

Be relevant. Who is your audience? Put yourself in their shoes. What content would they be looking for when they are coming to your website. Does it provide your customer with all the information they need to make an informed decision?

Be approachable. Don’t use industry jargon and abbreviations. Your customers might not know what those mean. Write for them, not for you.

Be the expert. Tips, tutorials, and articles are all great ways to keep your visitors engaged, and to encourage them to come back time and again.

Make sure you are spending the time to write valuable and relevant content. It may seem a bit overwhelming but it will be worth it in the long run. Hiring a copywriter is usually a cost effective and quick way to develop the content that will work for your audience, and your business.


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