the web design process: phase two – design

the web design process: phase two – design

Last week we talked about the first phase of our design process, define. Once we have a clear picture of what needs to be built, we start phase two: design. During the design phase we not only put a visual design in place, but also determine the structure and flow of the website. How will a user move through the website? What will the sitemap look like? We usually present our clients with 2-3 design mockups of a homepage and one subpage. If a responsive website is being developed we usually outline what those versions of the website would look like as well.

Also presented is an initial sitemap and wireframe. A key benefit to the sitemap is it identifies any content areas that are missing and need to be developed. As we mentioned before, content is a common area that will hold up a project so it is beneficial to identify those areas sooner rather than later.

Next week we’ll get into phase three – the development phase. If you’re ready to start your web design process drop us a line and let’s get started!


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