the web design process: phase four – launch

the web design process: phase four – launch

Yay! Your website has been developed and tested and we have pushed it live and you have an awesome website! Now we are all done, right? Unfortunately not quite. In phase one we identified the goals of the website, and in phase three we implemented analytics code. It is important to check in with your website to make sure your visitors are getting what they need from your website, and interacting with it the way you intended. If not, don’t be afraid to rework content and revisit decisions made. If your website was built on WordPress or another content management tool you can often do this on your own. If it wasn’t then we can work together to make any necessary changes.

You also want to make sure you are keeping your content fresh. If you set up a blog, outline a schedule of when you will update it and topics you will cover. Scheduling time makes it easier to keep on top of blog posts.  Keep projects updated, menu items current with the season, and content relevant. No one wants to see your last update was a year ago and a Happy New Year message in July. These things could come across negatively so it important to keep your website current.

Finally, start sharing your website. Reach out to your friends and network and share your url on your social media channels. You’ve worked hard to create something amazing, shout it out!

If you’re ready to start your web design process drop us a line and let’s get started!


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