come and knock on our door

come and knock on our door

I was recently asked what makes us stand out from some of the other website design companies. We certainly aren’t the cheapest, we certainly haven’t been around the longest, and we definitely aren’t the biggest. My answer was simple. We listen. As mentioned last week, the first step in our website design process is to have a conversation. To get to know our clients. Once that initial phase is over however, we want to continue that conversation. Our door is always open. We encourage our clients to pick up the phone or shoot us an email if they have questions, aren’t sure of a decision we made, or just want to be reassured that everything is going smoothly. We are here for them.

We aren’t the only ones with this policy. Recently James Dalman wrote about his open door policy on his blog. He writes “I think we’d rather say we spent time investing in people over projects”, and we couldn’t agree more.


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