5 signs it might be time for a redesign

5 signs it might be time for a redesign


It may seem like just yesterday you launched your site, but I bet it has been longer than you think. It might be time to consider a revamp or redesign. Here are some things to think about.

The copyright date is older than 2 years ago
Probably the easiest way to tell if you need a redesign is if your copyright date on your website is older than 2012. If you can’t remember when the last time your website was updated then it is definitely time to start the redesign process.

Have you had a change in services or identity?
Businesses are constantly evolving and maybe you are offering something new to your customers, or have brought on a new partner or change in your name. In many cases your website is the first impression of your business that your customers will get. If your brand and main services aren’t conveyed to them within a minute of being on your site then you they will look elsewhere.

Is your website responsive?
More and more people are surfing the web on their smartphones and tablets. How does your website look on those devices? If a large number of your visitors are coming from a mobile device or tablet make sure that their experience is a good one.

Is your website hard to update?
One of the reasons your site might be outdated is that it is too hard to update with fresh content on a regular basis. There are so many content management systems (CMS) out there it is easy to implement a solution that will work for you and your team, whether it is just one paragraph or the whole site.

Does your website use Flash?
If the answer is yes then some of your visitors aren’t getting all the information they are looking for. 5 years ago putting a call to action or important information in an animation was a great way to get people’s attention when they visited your site. Now, depending on how they are viewing your site, that important information isn’t even being seen. You might be losing customers because of outdated technology.

These are just a few of the key indicators that a redesign may be in your future. Remember though, just because some or all of these might apply to your website doesn’t mean you have to go through a complete redesign. It could be as easy as adding a blog to your website, adding some styles to make it more mobile friendly, or swapping out a logo and integrating new corporate colors. We can work with you to decide what would work best for you, your company, and most importantly, your clients.


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